Changing Gender Bias in Art

Nearly all of the major New York art museums are featuring white male artists in their main exhibits this fall.  But that is really nothing new.  What is new is that artists are standing up this autumn and telling the world that such gender bias is still here and still unacceptable.

Women have been pushed to the side for quite a while in the art world, and they are ready to make some changes.  Some suggest a Title IX style program in art museums, styled after the 1972 law that abolished gender discrimination in higher education.  The law was very effective in boosting women’s college athletics, so could it do the same for women artists?

Although the debate continues, it is doubtful.  While the art world has a liberal outlook, it often has a capitalist undercurrent.  The Title IX program would likely be shot down due to fears of reduced museum revenue.

So perhaps we need to show museums that women are worthy artists able to bring in the masses by supporting art by women.  However, seeking out exhibits by women can be a challenge, especially when museums are showing mainly the work of men.

So, how do we change this gender bias?  Likely, it will be a slow process, just like any other important change.  As more men and women stand up to the powers-that-be and declare that women’s work should be considered with equal weight, the changes will happen.

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