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Fusing Science and Art in a Whirlwind of Color

Trying to fuse two widely diverse disciplines may seem a challenge at first, but photographer Fabian Oefner has done it brilliantly. His creations are causing a world wide stir in the art world as the Switzerland-based artist’s creations are a dazzling mix of color and texture. Oefner explains that he sees science as logical and […]

Death Row Art Raises Eyebrows

A powerful art show going on at Nashville’s Coop Gallery has been gaining attention from spectators. Eleven Death Row inmates at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison have taken part in a unique project which exchanges art work with individuals outside of the prison walls. They have collaborated with art students from the Watkins College of Art […]

Bronwyn Lace Brings Physics and Impermanence to Her Creations

She is based in Johannesburg and is the creator of some of the most startling artwork to be seen in recent years. Her name is Bronwyn Lace and her creations have stirred much debate and wonder. She attempts to bring physics into the mix and many of the pieces she has created end up falling […]

Drawing America from Memory Experiment Debuts in NYC

Twenty two of America’s most renowned artists were asked to paint or draw the United States of America with nothing to guide them but sheer memory. That was over thirty years ago, back in 1971, and the astounding and varied results will make their debut showing in New York City this month. The results of […]

Petri Dishes Explode with Color and Vision

Art is everywhere, it seems. For an artist such as Klari Reis, artistic vision can be expressed within a Petri dish as well as any canvas laden creation. Since 2009, Reis has been painting with explosive force on Petri dishes. Using epoxy plastic polymer to create her images, Reis is on a mission to present […]

The Starkness of Madeyski Now Showing in Lake Forest

He was born in Poland and trained as an architect. His name is Wojciech Madeyski and he currently works and lives in Highland Park. His paintings are vibrant with a starkness that forces the viewer to step back for a more concerned and serious interpretation. He has a show of 40 of his paintings now […]

Van Gogh’s Two Missing Sunflowers May Have Been Found

There were four of them in all. In 1888, Vincent van Gogh painted a series of four paintings depicting his beloved Provencal sunflowers. Two remain on display in London and Munich. The other two, however, have faded into history and have become enigmas of sorts. Until, Martin Bailey decided to do some digging. Bailey, a […]

New Book Reflects a Love of Children from 40 Great Artists

A new book being published in England features some wonderful paintings of children by some of the most celebrated artists in history. The book is entitled Child Portraits by 40 Great Artists and it is a tender reflection on a parent’s devoted love of their offspring. Many of the artists have portrayed their own beloved […]

Recalling Warhol’s Interpretation of the Legendary Munch

Back in 1984, noted artist Andy Warhol decided that he would veer away somewhat from what he had normally produced. Most of his magical art conceptualized celebrities of the time yet he was never above using the form for the advancement of pop culture. However, 1984 was a turning point in Warhol’s career as he […]

Actor James Franco Debuts New Art TV Show

According to an article in NY Daily News, Actor James Franco recently announced that he will be hosting a new show entitled James Franco Presents which will air on Ovation TV. The show will make its inaugural appearance some time in November. Ovation TV bills itself as the only art channel out there and will […]

Ariens, Rotblatt-Amrany

Chicago’s Fountain Art Fair is Coming

Chicago’s art scene continues to thrive and make noise and September will be no exception. Two major art fairs will hit town mid month beginning with the Fountain Art Fair running from September 20-22. It will be an art fair offering alternative art works from a company based in Brooklyn, NY. The Fountain Fair will […]

Gallery Bar

Two New Gallery Bars Open in Downtown Chicago

Two all new art gallery bars have opened in downtown Chicago. One is the River North Gallery Bar located at 738 North Clark and the other is Fame at 2015 West Division Street. The Gallery Bar has a rotating stock that will feature all new pieces every month. There seems to be no overriding theme […]

Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts Welcomes “The Sixties”

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has recently unveiled a tribute show to the period of American history know as The Sixties. For many people, as well as historians, The Sixties was actually the decade between 1965 and 1975. The Museum has put together a show entitled “Hippie Chic”. During the period known as The […]

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Statue Unveiling

The Kareem Abdul Jabbar Statue created by Omri Amrany and Julie Rotblatt Amrany was unveiled Friday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  A massive bronze and granite statue reaches into the sky outside the arena.