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Chicago Art Legends and Legacies

The Art Institute of Chicago not only celebrates the art pieces that line their walls and displays, but they also celebrate the artists who have created them.  The museum has done so again by bestowing the Legends and Legacy Award on another great artist.  This award is reserved for living African American artists who have […]

Artists Find New Ways to Use Photography

As time marches forward into the digital age, there are many artists who choose to hold onto the past.  Some writers refuse the latest technology in favor of a typewriter.  A few musicians prefer to record only in studios that don’t have the latest sound-correcting technology.  And many visual artists choose to use tools and […]

Chicago Proud to Have Art Pieces Featured in ‘The Monuments Men’

The Monuments Men, which opened in theatres not too long ago, is a must-see for anyone who loves art.  Touted as “the greatest treasure hunt in history”, it follows the story of seven art historians and curators tasked with rescuing thousands of pieces of priceless art from the Nazis at the end of World War […]

Art Therapy Proven to Increase Patient Happiness

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago offers a completely unique and inspiring way of healing called, “Art Therapy”. Art therapy provides an escape for those whose minds are overfilled with doctors, prognoses, and therapy.  While illness and injury can weigh heavily on an individual’s emotions, art creates a way for them to get away from it all.  […]

Chicago’s Push for Public Art

It all began with Picasso. When his piece was unveiled in Daley Plaza in 1967, no one knew what to think of it. Sure, it was out in the elements, but it was art just the same. If there were space, the piece would have been right at home in the Art Institute or any […]

LA Lakers Staples Center, Magic Johnson, Omri, Itamar, Amrany

Omri Amrany and Itamar Amrany Featured on L.A. Live

Omri Amrany and Itamar Amrany were featured on L.A. Live during their recent visit to Los Angeles. Check out this great video interview highlighting the works from the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt Amrany! The works featured are located at Star Plaza near STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. Omri touches on the materials used in […]

Chicago Art Becomes Accessible to All

For those of us who are able move around independently and without difficulty, it is easy to take for granted how we can experience art around Chicago, from the various museums to street art. Some people who are not able to get around as easily could miss out on all the city has to offer […]

Story Behind the Faces of Millennium Park

Everyone who has wandered the paths of Millennium Park knows about the unique structures that reside there.  Some of the most popular are the two structures that show faces and occasionally spout water, which cast shadows over the armies of children splashing in the water on hot summer days. But the story behind how these […]

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Claude Monet

Claude Monet.  Just his name brings to mind the Impressionist beauty that he created over the years.  But, as always, behind every interesting piece of art is an even more interesting artist.  Here are some fun facts about Monet. 1. His first name was actually the hyphenated “Oscar-Claude”.  However, his parents always called him “Oscar”.  […]

Magic from a Ballpoint Pen

When you think of ballpoint pens do you think of doodles in the margin of a high school notebook or high art?  Although some tend to put ballpoint pens firmly in the doodle category, according to an article on, many artists are proving them wrong. Creating art with a pen is certainly nothing new.  […]

Explore World History Through Art

What better way to experience history than through art?  Examining pieces from hundreds or thousands of years ago takes you back to that era – the customs, the beliefs, and the people.  We can glimpse at their lives through the artists’ eyes. If you love seeing history through the eyes of an artist, you’re in […]

European Artists Revitalize Chicago Art Scene

Chicago has seen somewhat of a European invasion into the art scene in recent years.  The Renaissance Society, the Logan Center, and the Museum of Contemporary Art have all hired curators from Europe, and all three are doing some very exciting work. One of the most impressive is Solveig  Øvstebø, who is now leading The Renaissance Society.  After Susanne Ghez, who held […]

Experience Chicago in a New Way

Looking at the Chicago skyline makes us appreciate how visually impressive the city is that we live in.  But when was the last time that you looked at the buildings that make up the skyline?  Look closely.  I can bet that even many Chicago natives haven’t taken the time to get to know the great […]

Artists Merge Art and Science to Save Lives

Art and science may seem at opposite ends of the spectrum, but when they come together they can create a great deal of good.  In a new exhibition in London, called “Foreign Bodies, Common Ground,” we see the work of six artists-in-residents with Art in Global Health Program. Their work, mostly in developing nations in […]

Dance + Art = A Whole New Experience

What happens when you mix ballet dancers and a contemporary visual artist?  Something spectacular. The New York City Ballet, in a quest to bring more art into their performance space, has teamed up with JR, a New York artist who became famous for pasting over-sized photographs in public spaces.  JR’s vision was to change the […]

Overcome Winter Blues with Chicago Art

As winter drags on with the cold, short daylight hours, and snow, it’s easy to begin to feel just…blah.  Perk yourself up by taking in an art exhibition or two this season.  Here are three exhibits that are not to be missed this winter in the Chicago area: 1. “Reading Women” by Carrie Schneider at Monique Meloche […]

3 Ways Chicago Rocked Art in 2013

With an abundance of museums, galleries, and artists, Chicago has always been a center for art.  And 2013 brought even more art and opportunity to our city.  Here are three ways that last year rocked for the Chicago art world. Chicago rocked: 1. Art fairs. Although we lost the MDW fair for artist-run galleries, Chicago bounced back […]

Are Museums Loosening Restrictions on Photography?

  Modern times bring modern influences on art.  Projections and high quality sound systems have brought new ways for us to experience ait.  New preservation and restoration techniques have allowed old art to be seen in new ways.  And now there is another modern trend influencing the art world – the “selfie”. A “selfie” is a photograph of […]

Spend New Year’s Eve at the Theatre

Looking for something fun to do on New Year’s Eve this year?  End the year right by supporting other artists and taking in a theatre performance that day. There are several theatres around Chicago with NYE performances, and chances are there will be a show that will match your mood that day. Check out Broadway in […]

Finding Art in Unlikely Places

Have you ever found a knick-knack or piece of art that you wondered about?  Wondered if it was real, important, or valuable?  Most likely, you dismissed the thought and stuck the object back into storage.  But you never know. Several people this year unexpectedly found pieces of art that were worth more money than in […]