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glowing trees

Could Glowing Trees Really Be in Our Future?

What do you get when you cross a jellyfish with an oak tree? No, it is not some sort of children’s riddle.  This was a real question posed by Dutch designer/artist/architect Daan Roosegaarde.  He wondered at how jellyfish and fireflies got their glow, how he could harness it, and how he could use it to […]

rauschenberg foundation

Rauschenberg Foundation: Changing the World Through Art

When you think of an artist leaving a legacy, you may think of the artwork he or she created through the years.  But some artists are leaving behind more than just canvases and sculptures.  Their legacies are foundations that were created to promote art or better the world in general.  One such artist was Robert […]

pablo picasso

6 Facts About Picasso You Probably Didn’t Know

Pablo Picasso is known worldwide for his intriguing paintings..  Here are 10 fun facts about Picasso that you probably didn’t know: 1. Pablo Picasso wasn’t his real name.  Well, not his entire name, at least.  His whole name, all 23 words of it, is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios […]

bee sculpture

Leave the Art Work to the Bees

Canadian artist, Aganetha Dyck, freely admits that she doesn’t do most of the work to create the art that carries her name.  And yet, her exhibitions have been shown all over the world without a complaint from the real creators.  In fact, they are happily buzzing about her work that is currently on display at […]

Monuments men art

Chicago Proud to Have Art Pieces Featured in ‘The Monuments Men’

The Monuments Men, which opened in theatres not too long ago, is a must-see for anyone who loves art.  Touted as “the greatest treasure hunt in history”, it follows the story of seven art historians and curators tasked with rescuing thousands of pieces of priceless art from the Nazis at the end of World War […]

knight art exhibit

Explore World History Through Art

What better way to experience history than through art?  Examining pieces from hundreds or thousands of years ago takes you back to that era – the customs, the beliefs, and the people.  We can glimpse at their lives through the artists’ eyes. If you love seeing history through the eyes of an artist, you’re in […]

renaissance society

European Artists Revitalize Chicago Art Scene

Chicago has seen somewhat of a European invasion into the art scene in recent years.  The Renaissance Society, the Logan Center, and the Museum of Contemporary Art have all hired curators from Europe, and all three are doing some very exciting work. One of the most impressive is Solveig  Øvstebø, who is now leading The Renaissance Society.  After Susanne Ghez, who held […]

Tibet Art

The Art of Tibet Finally Breaks Free

Tibet has been a Chinese colony since 1951 and seemingly poses such a threat to the Asian giant that nothing can get out and precious little can make its way in. Tibetan art, however, has seemingly broken free in a traveling exhibition entitled Anonymous: Contemporary Tibet Art which was put together by art curator Rachel […]

Singing Ringing Tree

New Forms and Textures Emerge in Sculpture

As the twentieth century begins to pick up speed, new generations begin to make their presence felt in the art world. What has always been the standard for sculpture no longer seems to be. Traditional forms and textures remain steadfast but new forms and materials have begun to emerge to take sculpture to a whole […]


The Walls of Kathmandu Are Awash With Murals

The walls of the legendary city of Kathmandu are now awash with color. No longer are the eyes of passersby assaulted with crude and chaotic walls that had been previously adorned with gauche posters and advertising flyers. Now, the walls of Nepal’s capital city are bright and vibrant with giant murals, some ranging as massive […]


Russian Art Show in Venice May Not be Russian at All

A new exhibition of Russian avant-garde art in Venice may offer the hosts of the event a bit of a challenge. Over 100 pieces of Russian art will be on display and will have come from just two Italian collections. It does appear as if the show, staged to display the varied and unique faces […]

Great Britain billiards

Art Consumes the Streets of Great Britain

There is art everywhere in England. According to The Guardian, the Art Everywhere Project  intends to take works of art to 22,000 sites throughout Great Britain. It was started by Richard and Melinda Reed and their vision of art being everywhere has already found its way to over one thousand cabs and over two thousand […]


Famous Canadian Photo to Become a Statue

It is, perhaps, one of the most famous photos in Canadian history. The photo, entitled “Wait for Me, Daddy” became a beloved icon in Canada during, and after, World War Two. The photo was snapped in New Westminster, British Columbia and depicts a young boy racing to say good-bye to his father as he leaves […]


Artist Pension Trust to Sell 5,000 Works

The Artist Pension Trust is seeking to sell off an estimated half of its collection. With approximately 10,000 works of art under its wing, it is the largest collection anywhere on Earth. It is the first time since the Trust began ten years ago that anything is being sold. The Trust looks to sell an […]

Nelson Mandela

Mandela’s Birthday Celebrated with Paint Everywhere

Nelson Mandela, the legendary Nobel Prize winner from South Africa, recently celebrated his 95th birthday. In honor of the occasion, South Africa has simply exploded with color as art and murals have erupted everywhere. Giant color-soaked murals, posters, and panels have sprung to life around Johannesburg to mark the incredible life of the anti-apartheid leader. For […]

unusual london art

Unusual Art Exhibit Arrives in London

It is a most unusual art exhibit to say the least. Geoffrey Harrison, a figurative style painter from Manchester, England will bring a 25 painting show to the Bart’s Pathology Museum in London in August. The paintings are based on medical anatomical parts of the body and will focus primarily on such things as the […]

art restoration

Lasers Now Being Used for Art Restoration

A physician at the Center for Molecular and Biomedical Imaging at Duke University has effectively used a laser to clean and restore fine art as well as to discover what may lie underneath a painting without damaging it. The method was discovered by Dr. Warren S. Warren while he was attending London’s National Gallery. He […]


Unique Impressionist Art Institute Exhibit Enchants & Delights

  It was four years in the making, but for the Curator of the Art Institute of Chicago, Gloria Groom, it was the proverbial labor of love. The new Impressionist exhibit features 75 Impressionist paintings with a focus on fashion. Groom hopes that the exhibit inspires a unique look at the fashion of the late […]

art exhibit

Union Workers Display Artwork at New York Headquarters

The largest union in the country for building services workers, 32BJ, has become a labor for love and appreciation.  According to, the union has recently expanded a program in which any of its members may display created works of art in their headquarters building located in New York City. The program began eight years ago and […]


Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus Continues to Inspire

  According to, one of the most legendary, and influential, paintings of all time remains The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. The painting was an original commissioned to Botticelli from the mighty de Medici family of Florence, Italy. The work shows the goddess, Venus, emerging from the ocean fully grown. She arrives on a large shell […]