Bronwyn Lace Brings Physics and Impermanence to Her Creations

She is based in Johannesburg and is the creator of some of the most startling artwork to be seen in recent years. Her name is Bronwyn Lace and her creations have stirred much debate and wonder. She attempts to bring physics into the mix and many of the pieces she has created end up falling apart and deconstructing before our very eyes.

One of her most famous creations is the skeleton of a horse that has been reconfigured and suspended by way of the monofilament fishing line that she so favors in her creations. She recalls buying the skeleton from a veterinary clinic and then assembling it in the basement of her apartment building.

As she worked to get the arrangement right, she began to notice that children were walking by and banging on her window demanding to be let in to investigate. She became inspired by the children’s enthusiasm and laughed as some of them thought she had unearthed a dinosaur or had killed a dragon.

Another creation is thousands of fishing lures tied on to her ever-present fishing line and suspended vertically. For Lace, the fishing line is her brush and knife and her paint is natural objects and light. In her creation called God’s Finger, she built a huge column of line and suspended multi-colored pieces of glass within it. It was a couple of stories tall and she wanted to reflect the finger of God reaching through the clouds to touch the Earth. When the showing was over, she cut it down and created the collapsed and finished version of the piece.

Her art comes and goes. It suspends itself in the imagination and then is destroyed to never again be seen. She knows that all is change, that all things are impermanent. She wants to reflect the nature of order and chaos and reveal how both work as one and how the rising of one is the falling of the other.

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt & Amrany has done several famous pieces along with many smaller-scale pieces. View our gallery here to learn more about our studio artists and see our unique works of art.


Image courtesy of Bronwyn Lace.