Biggest Tip for Today’s Modern Artist

Social media has dramatically affected the way we interact with each other nowadays.  So it is no great surprise that it has also affected the way we get people to find and view  art.  As we rely on Instagram and Twitter to find out what’s happening in the world, artists and galleries who don’t join the trend may be left in the dust.

Simply having some photos of an art installation go viral on Instagram, such as Yayoi Kusama’s “Mirrored Room”, can guarantee people who have never heard of the artist will be willing to wait many hours for a chance to join in the experience.  Of course, creating the buzz is the hard part.  But some galleries encourage people to post their experience, and it seems to be a very successful strategy.

Social media also affects the way the younger generations consume and engage with art.  Gone are the days of people willing to sit in a proscenium theater or wander through a gallery if they are new to the art world.  Video games and home theatres have taught them that immersion is key.  We are much more likely to be introduced to art online than at an art installation or in a seat at a black box theater.  Consumers nowadays want to have an experience, not to just be an observer.

It is clear that social media is here for the long haul.  And as it shapes our world and our art, the question is which artists will use it wisely, and which of them will be left behind. If you are an artist, make sure you create a presence online with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest.

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Source: NY Times