Artist’s Unique Story of Accidental Art


There’s no denying this sculpture is a stunning piece and has been stopping passersby in New York City since 2004. It is known as Expansion and was created by the sculptor Paige Bradley. It remains one of the most remarkable statues to come about in quite some time.

Bradley moved to New York City hoping to further her contribution to the art world and make a name for herself. What she discovered, however, was rather unexpected and surprising. She was not prepared for the overwhelming influence of the critics and curators. For them, the sculpted figure was a relic of the past and outdated. Creating figures just was not done anymore.

Bradley realized that the art world was looking for more contemporary pieces, yet she was not sure what exactly that meant. She began noticing that great sculptures of figures were less popular and not being shown as often. She realized that many of the great artists who specialized in figures were abandoning their art for more socially acceptable pieces.

Bailey feared that if she wished to survive as an artist, she had to travel down the road dictated by the contemporary law givers of the art world. In her apartment, she noticed a small wax sculpture she had done of a naked female sitting, meditating in a lotus position. In frustration, she reached for it and threw it on the floor, where it shattered into several pieces.

At first, Bailey was startled by her behavior. But as she glanced down at the broken figurine, the vision of Expansion came to her and she knew what she had to do. She decided to cast the broken pieces in bronze but retain the spaces between them so that it continued to look cracked, distorted, and broken. She contacted a lighting expert and they created lighting within the statue to create its startling and breathtaking effect.

Bradley is happy to have created Expansion and was extremely pleased with the final result. She has received many accolades and heartfelt letters about the piece and how it has changed people’s lives. The original piece will be placed at auction soon and there are two replica versions of the piece in Palm Desert, California and London.

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