Artist Reveals Art in Everyday Desserts



Sarah Anne Ward of New York City has created art pieces using unconventional edible desserts. One of her most favorite inspired dessert works is a seemingly simply recipe for cookie bars done on a simple sheet pan. The finished product is an explosion of color resembling the best work of Jackson Pollack.

The professional photographer has done many food related projects including several cookbooks. She states that when she approaches a shoot, both she and the artist involved tend to gaze at the dessert for a considerable length of time. She stares, she says, until something is revealed. Often she sees hints of Renoir, or Picasso, or Monet revealed and then she begins her shoot.

Ward looks to expand her horizons into still life pieces and continues to be on the forefront of what appears to be some manner of dessert trend at the nations galleries. Food art seems to have become all the rage of late and Ward sees herself as the artist poised to reveal the art of the artists.

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