The Art of Wrapping Presents

Whoever said that it’s the thought that counts clearly has never met an artist.  As someone who creates beauty or thought-provoking works, it is easy to want to do more than slap a bow on the top of a store-bought box.  Here is some inspiration to get you wrapping with flair:

1. Ditch the paper.  Instead of using the store-bought wrapping paper, get creative.  Use richly colored fabric to decorate your holiday gifts as Han Feng, a costume designer does.  Find pieces of cloth that remind you of the person for whom you bought the gift to make it personalized.

2. Grab a newspaper.  We’re not talking about wrapping a gift in the comics section like when you were a child.  Find exotic or old newspapers to give your gift an international or nostalgic feel.  Then tape it all together with some brightly colored tape to give it a modern twist.

3. Recycle.  Have you kept invitations, announcements, and postcards throughout the year?  Consider using them to create a wrap that no one has seen before.  Not only will it be daringly different, it will help the environment by reusing those materials.

Wrapping presents doesn’t need to be a drag.  Release your creativity and create a holiday that all of your friends and family will remember. Here at the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany we pride ourselves on creating new art every day and hope you can find a way to be extra creative this holiday season.

Source: Huffington Post