The Art of Tibet Finally Breaks Free

Tibet has been a Chinese colony since 1951 and seemingly poses such a threat to the Asian giant that nothing can get out and precious little can make its way in. Tibetan art, however, has seemingly broken free in a traveling exhibition entitled Anonymous: Contemporary Tibet Art which was put together by art curator Rachel Weingeist.

Weingeist explained that she wanted the world to be exposed to Tibetan art and to create some manner of venue where Tibetan artists could show their artistic visions. She had sent out an invitation whereby Tibetan artists could submit works anonymously. She has rounded up over fifty works from 27 artists to include sculpture as well as paintings. Most of the pieces are on loan from the Rubin Museum of Art in New York.

Most of the artwork is politically based and focuses on conflict. The art is most unusual and often seems rather immature but the showing remains important simply because such pieces have made their way out of the political turmoil that is that part of the world.

Despite the brutal repression of their culture and their life, the Tibetan showing displays exuberance, and an optimism that seems quite unexpected.

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany has a great display of unique artwork by our studio artist. View our gallery here!


Photo courtesy of Ruben Museum of Art