Art Therapy Proven to Increase Patient Happiness

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago offers a completely unique and inspiring way of healing called, “Art Therapy”. Art therapy provides an escape for those whose minds are overfilled with doctors, prognoses, and therapy.  While illness and injury can weigh heavily on an individual’s emotions, art creates a way for them to get away from it all.  Studies have shown that patients who regularly participate in art programs have better vital signs and fewer complications with sleeping.  They also require fewer pain killers and are generally in a better mood overall.

We know that art and the creation of it can be powerful, and so it’s not surprising that the effects are so positive for those who are suffering from illness or injury.  Creating art is an achievement and an escape, both of which the patients need.

Art therapy also needs support to bring the services to those who are in need of it.  The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago recently presented “Art In Motion”, which was a fundraiser benefiting their art therapy program.  The program at RIC offers an in-house art therapist 24 hours a week and has provided over 700 hours of art therapy.

“Art In Motion” is an exclusive juried art exhibition that brings the art community and the philanthropy community together for the benefit of art therapy.  Hundreds of artists from around the country submitted works for the exhibition, and the most outstanding pieces will be on display and given awards.

And while those participating artists received accolades earlier this month, the real winners were those who will continue to have access to art therapy and all of its wonderful benefits. To learn more about the many great benefits of art therapy, visit the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s website. The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany offers a variety of art pieces, especially around the city of Chicago. To learn more about our pieces of art and what we are currently working on, visit us online!