Ancient Window Tells a Tale in Middleton

Middleton Parish Churchs glazed war memorial

The famous glazed window, known as the Flodden Window, in the Middleton Parish Church of Saint Leonard in Middleton, England may have recently unveiled the true history of itself. The window had always been accepted as a tribute to the Battle of Flodden fought between English and Scottish forces in 1513.

However, recent examination by experts has concluded that the window was probably created by Sir Richard Assheton, in 1505 which would pre-date the battle by eight years. Recent restoration efforts have come to the conclusion that the window may actually have been bigger and more expansive and to include other religious oriented pictures. The restoration project took eight months and it is believed that there were once archers in the broader window who were kneeling at the feet of a saint so as to obtain heavenly blessing before entering into battle.

The church went through some renovations during Assheton’s day and the window was set as it now appears when the church opened up again in 1524. It has been considered some manner of war memorial down through the years but there is no evidence of any of the dead showing up in the window.

Source: Manchester Evening News