African Art: The Next Big Thing

Thoughts that African art is all tribal talismans, wooden masks, and carved statues are quickly becoming a thing of the past as it surges in popularity in a variety of forms.

For quite a while, the international art scene has been dominated by the Eurocentric attitude that gives most awareness to European and North American artists.  African art was shuffled to the anthropology wings of museums instead of the “Art and Culture” rooms.  It was all passed over as less valuable.

But now, African artists are finally getting the attention they deserve.  Everyone is clamoring to get their hands on the next “big thing”, and it seems that contemporary African art is it.

This year, auction houses are bringing in millions when they sell contemporary African art.  African artists are being featured prominently in national museums.  There are entire shows, such as the recent 1:54 show in London, dedicated to only art from Africa.  This is a far cry from virtual art anonymity several years ago.

How is it becoming so popular so quickly?  Some speculate that the fast-growing economies in sub-Saharan Africa are the reason.  Smart, wealthy Africans are investing in local artists so that their talent can be seen by the world and bring recognition to the region. It seems that it was money well spent, as the artists are quickly making a name for themselves and African art in general.

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What do you think about the recent flood of African art?