3 Ways Chicago Rocked Art in 2013

With an abundance of museums, galleries, and artists, Chicago has always been a center for art.  And 2013 brought even more art and opportunity to our city.  Here are three ways that last year rocked for the Chicago art world.

Chicago rocked:

1. Art fairs. Although we lost the MDW fair for artist-run galleries, Chicago bounced back by adding two more fairs last year.  Coinciding with EXPO Chicago, EDITION Chicago wowed in its inaugural year by bringing in over 600 visitors.  Even more successful was the Fountain Art Fair, which saw over 1,000 visitors.  Chicago is becoming an art fair hub.

2. Public sculptures. If you missed the 100 Buddha heads that sprung up around the city or the new large sculptures on the lakefront, you should have experienced Jun Kaneko’s colorful “raccoon dog” sculptures in Millennium Park.  Many new public sculptures added to the landscape in 2013, proving that Chicago can rock public sculpture.

3. 3D printing. Our city now boasts one of the nation’s first storefronts dedicated to 3D printing.  Artists can come in with a sketch or idea and have it made into a sculpture, pendant, or model.  With this, Chicago not only rocks art but also technology.

There’s no denying that we live in a pretty amazing city, and it’s good to know that Chicago is only getting more exciting for art and artists.  It will be interesting to see what 2014 brings for the art world.

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany is excited with all that has happened over the last year and we can’t wait to see what 2014 brings us!