Monthly Archives: December 2013

Spend New Year’s Eve at the Theatre

Looking for something fun to do on New Year’s Eve this year?  End the year right by supporting other artists and taking in a theatre performance that day. There are several theatres around Chicago with NYE performances, and chances are there will be a show that will match your mood that day. Check out Broadway in […]

Finding Art in Unlikely Places

Have you ever found a knick-knack or piece of art that you wondered about?  Wondered if it was real, important, or valuable?  Most likely, you dismissed the thought and stuck the object back into storage.  But you never know. Several people this year unexpectedly found pieces of art that were worth more money than in […]

New Hottest Art Trend

What’s the hottest trend in art today?  It seems that buyers can’t get enough of 20th and 21st century art. Many records have been broken in recent months when it comes to purchasing prices of various contemporary pieces.  A Norman Rockwell painting sold for $46 million, making it the most expensive American painting ever sold.  The record […]

Reinventing the Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is usually all about tradition.  But by reinventing the tree and thinking outside the box, you can make it into something that better represents what the holidays mean to you. Want to make the Christmas tree entirely unique and all your own?  Here are some suggestions to get you started: 1. Get creative […]

The Art of Wrapping Presents

Whoever said that it’s the thought that counts clearly has never met an artist.  As someone who creates beauty or thought-provoking works, it is easy to want to do more than slap a bow on the top of a store-bought box.  Here is some inspiration to get you wrapping with flair: 1. Ditch the paper.  Instead […]

Biggest Tip for Today’s Modern Artist

Social media has dramatically affected the way we interact with each other nowadays.  So it is no great surprise that it has also affected the way we get people to find and view  art.  As we rely on Instagram and Twitter to find out what’s happening in the world, artists and galleries who don’t join the trend may be […]

Sound Art: Pushing Boundaries and Making Noise

If you attended the Fuentiduena Chapel exhibit produced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you would find no paintings on the walls.  Nor would you find sculptures placed around the room.  What you would find there are forty speakers. But the speakers themselves are far from art.  They are merely the tools by which Janet […]

Is Modern Food Art-Worthy?

Long before friends posted their meals on Facebook, artists were showing us what they were eating.  And although it is easy to dismiss a still life of fruit as less interesting than other works, it does give us an almost anthropological glimpse into how society felt about food at the time. And that is exactly what The […]

Solve a Holiday Art Mystery at the Museum

Do you like a little mystery with your art this holiday season?  Well, the Art Institute of Chicago has just the thing for you. Once again, the Art Institute is presenting “Gifts to the City”, a selection of acquisitions and loans that have become a part of the museum’s collection this year.  Two of the most exciting […]