Monthly Archives: September 2013

Petri Dishes Explode with Color and Vision

Art is everywhere, it seems. For an artist such as Klari Reis, artistic vision can be expressed within a Petri dish as well as any canvas laden creation. Since 2009, Reis has been painting with explosive force on Petri dishes. Using epoxy plastic polymer to create her images, Reis is on a mission to present […]

“Fake” Van Gogh Recently Discovered and Declared Authentic

The painting had been stashed in an attic in Norway since 1908 after being declared a fake. Just this month, however, the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam discovered the legendary artist’s painting, Sunset at Montmajour, in the aforementioned attic. It turns out that the “fake” was actually the original painted by Van Gogh in 1888. […]

The Art of Tibet Finally Breaks Free

Tibet has been a Chinese colony since 1951 and seemingly poses such a threat to the Asian giant that nothing can get out and precious little can make its way in. Tibetan art, however, has seemingly broken free in a traveling exhibition entitled Anonymous: Contemporary Tibet Art which was put together by art curator Rachel […]

The Starkness of Madeyski Now Showing in Lake Forest

He was born in Poland and trained as an architect. His name is Wojciech Madeyski and he currently works and lives in Highland Park. His paintings are vibrant with a starkness that forces the viewer to step back for a more concerned and serious interpretation. He has a show of 40 of his paintings now […]

Van Gogh’s Two Missing Sunflowers May Have Been Found

There were four of them in all. In 1888, Vincent van Gogh painted a series of four paintings depicting his beloved Provencal sunflowers. Two remain on display in London and Munich. The other two, however, have faded into history and have become enigmas of sorts. Until, Martin Bailey decided to do some digging. Bailey, a […]

New Forms and Textures Emerge in Sculpture

As the twentieth century begins to pick up speed, new generations begin to make their presence felt in the art world. What has always been the standard for sculpture no longer seems to be. Traditional forms and textures remain steadfast but new forms and materials have begun to emerge to take sculpture to a whole […]

New Book Reflects a Love of Children from 40 Great Artists

A new book being published in England features some wonderful paintings of children by some of the most celebrated artists in history. The book is entitled Child Portraits by 40 Great Artists and it is a tender reflection on a parent’s devoted love of their offspring. Many of the artists have portrayed their own beloved […]

The Walls of Kathmandu Are Awash With Murals

The walls of the legendary city of Kathmandu are now awash with color. No longer are the eyes of passersby assaulted with crude and chaotic walls that had been previously adorned with gauche posters and advertising flyers. Now, the walls of Nepal’s capital city are bright and vibrant with giant murals, some ranging as massive […]

Russian Art Show in Venice May Not be Russian at All

A new exhibition of Russian avant-garde art in Venice may offer the hosts of the event a bit of a challenge. Over 100 pieces of Russian art will be on display and will have come from just two Italian collections. It does appear as if the show, staged to display the varied and unique faces […]

Recalling Warhol’s Interpretation of the Legendary Munch

Back in 1984, noted artist Andy Warhol decided that he would veer away somewhat from what he had normally produced. Most of his magical art conceptualized celebrities of the time yet he was never above using the form for the advancement of pop culture. However, 1984 was a turning point in Warhol’s career as he […]