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Roberto Clemente Statue

Statue of Baseball Legend Roberto Clemente Unveiled in the Bronx

The seven foot tall statue of baseball legend Roberto Clemente was recently unveiled in Roberto Clemente State Park located in the Bronx, New York. It was created in bronze by sculptor Maritza Hernandez and is poised upon a base that stands four feet high and the entire sculpture weighs in an inspiring three thousand pounds. […]

taj mahal

Unknown Facts of the Wondrous Taj Mahal

One of the most legendary constructions on the planet remains the immensely impressive Taj Mahal. It is the burial tomb for Moghul King and Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife, Mumtaaz. Here, however, are some curious facts about this most curious and mysterious structure. The architecture gathers inspiration from all over the world and it […]

lego art

Lego Art Festival Debut’s In New York City

A recent opening of an art exhibition entitled’ The Art of the Brick, has everyone enthralled with the art potential for Lego building bricks. The exhibition is showing at the Discovery Times Square in New York City and features such pieces as daVinci’s Mona Lisa and Edvard Munch’s Screamer. The Mona Lisa is composed of […]

the last supper

The Legend of da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’

It is one of the most famous works of art in the world. Originally a request from a patron, the Duke of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci painted his legendary The Last Supper between 1495 and 1498. The painting is rather gigantic by any standard as it measures 15 by 29 feet and can cover an […]

new louvre

A ‘New’ Louvre Opens

In the small French region of Nord Pas de Calais, the Louvre Museum of Paris has opened a new museum called Louvre-Lens. It has always been a sleepy region dependent on mining but has, of late, turned into spotlight for cultural events and art. It is a breathtaking aluminum and glass building that stands in […]

chicago art

Pop-up Art Comes to Chicago This Summer

The vehicle sharing company Zipcar will be in coordination this summer with the Chicago Loop Alliance to bring pop-up art to the masses via the Zipcars. For the last five years, the Loop Alliance has created small art galleries in the windows of vacant Loop businesses to try and create a sense of community and […]

david with fig leaf

Japanese Seek to Clothe the Legendary Statue of David

An exact life-sized replica of Michelangelo’s legendary statue of David stands serenely in the quiet Japanese town of Okuizumo. This small town of 15,000 has become greatly concerned with propriety as the naked mythical figure from the Bible stands in stark contrast to this traditionally conservative culture. The citizenry declares the statue is frightening the […]

the great sphinx

The Mysterious Great Sphinx of Giza

The mysterious Great Sphinx of Giza continues to sit majestically in front of the three Great Pyramids in Egypt and continues to baffle scientists and enthusiasts alike. The massive sculpture faces east and is the largest ever found from the ancient world and stands over sixty feet high and over two hundred feet long. It appears […]

art theives

The Greatest Unsolved Art Thefts of All Time

When it comes to stolen art, there have been many famous capers. Even the legendary Mona Lisa was stolen and it took authorities over two years to track down and recover. However, there have been other priceless works that have been stolen and whose whereabouts shockingly still remain unknown. Perhaps the most famous unsolved art […]

soldier field

Chicago’s Soldier Field- Modern-Day War Memorial

Soldier Field was unveiled on November 11, 1924, and has been home to the Chicago Bears since 1971. It seats over 61,000 and is the oldest stadium in the National Football League. It is designed along the Greco Roman architectural lines with imposing columns at its entrance. One of the first sporting events it played […]

sistine chapel

How the Sistine Chapel Became a Wonder of the World

The story of the legendary Sistine Chapel in Rome begins in 1491. Catholic Christian Pope Sixtus IV orders its construction based on the designs of Baccio Pontelli. The building took until 1481 to complete and stands thirteen meters wide and forty meters long. It has six imposing windows and the interior walls were painted by […]

mexico sistine chapel

One Man’s Quest to Recreate the Sistine Chapel

For twelve years, sixty-eight year old Don Miguel has been trying to paint an exact replica of the legendary Sistine Chapel in a humble Catholic Christian church in Mexico City. The retired graphic designer received his divine inspiration when he visited Rome a dozen years ago. Don Miguel became inspired further when he realized that […]

robocop statue

Detroit Robocop Statue Creates Controversy

Detroit is preparing to erect a bronze statue of Robocop and the controversy has begun to fly. The statue is currently in Canada being cobbled together with foam. It will be making its way to the MotorCity where the bronze will be poured. Robocop is a fictional character from a movie of the same name […]