Wilt Chamberlain

"It's a mauve, serrated, expressionist evocation of an athlete in motionless flight to an imaginary basketball rim. He's recognizable even to the artistically - challenged as Wilt Chamberlain." - The Chicago Defender


Wilt Chamberlain
Thumbnail of Wilt ChamberlainThumbnail of Wilt ChamberlainThumbnail of Wilt Chamberlain

This tribute to Wilt ‘the stilt’ Chamberlin stands 18 feet tall. The multi-figure bronze sculpture atop a granite base commemorates both his legacy and his foundation. He is depicted towards the bottom as a coach-like figure, which evolves to an intense and expressive sculpture of a high-flying dunk. The Chicago-based artist Omri Amrany included the band around Wilt’s wrist to remind people of how Wilt used to say that it would remind him of what he had to go through in his youth.

“…the statue is something to keep his legacy alive.” – Barbara Lewis, Chamberlin’s sister
“the Big Dipper soars above Philadelphia now in the form of double postmodern sculptures” – Chicago Defender
“Created by world-renowned sculptor Omri Amrany” – The Philadelphia Tribune

Artist Omri Amrany and Gary Tillery
Client Philadelphia 76ers
Location Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA
Material Bronze
Size 17'H
Date 2004