LA Kings Monument

LA Kings 50th Anniversary- Sports Commission Monument

The Los Angeles Kings have set the bar high as a leader in the NHL culture. Their unity has proclaimed ‘here we are, and we’re here to stay!’ Between mind and body, the multi-dimensional game of hockey exudes exceptional speed, passion, and determination. Across a wall of moments, a series of actions in sculptural form transition the eye from saves to celebration; an evolution in design capturing the unmistakable energy of the game on ice.

Los Angeles’ band of brothers hockey culture demonstrates the pride, passion, and harmony of these West Coast pioneers. This wall of moments symbolically takes you through the teams’ history and stands out among other hockey statues. As Bob Miller said, “It’s about longevity, enjoying the peaks and valleys. The team had suffered the ups and the downs through their first two decades as most new clubs do in the NHL. But more recently they have gained a new confidence with a winning team.”

Various legends were selected to represent the eras of LA Kings hockey on the memorial sculpture. From left to right, Rogie Vachon is laser-etched in granite mid-save, which seamlessly transitions into a sculptural Jonathan Quick and his cat-like reflexes as he stops a sure goal. Award-winning defenseman Drew Doughty is also laser etched as he dishes off a pass to a five-player figurative bas-relief sculpture. Through energy, the sheer force of a slap-shot flows into players celebrating hockey’s ultimate goal of winning Lord Stanley’s Cup. The wind up of Marcel Dionne leads to Dave Taylor coming in contact with the puck with immense pressure, as Rob Blake follows through with a heavy shot. As one’s eyes move through the motion, Anze Kopitar’s arms begin to rise towards Dustin Brown’s iconic moment of lifting the Stanley Cup. The energy in these figures simultaneously represents hockey’s toughness. A point many fans are not aware of is the grit of a hockey player, and their passion to play through an injury.

The materials of bronze, granite, and glass were chosen to showcase permanence, a milestone in any sports organizations’ history. At the east corner are the rosters, coaches, general managers, and owners of each year of the Kings past etched into the granite. The concept of a water wall offers fans a place for reflection on a great 50 years, and to build excitement for promising years to come with this one-of-a-kind custom-made bronze statue.

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