Stan Mikita

"That this immigrant from Slovakia should be honored for his hard work with this incredible statue is something I never thought would ever happen. I'm humbled and awed by this amazing honor" - Stan Mikita


Stan Mikita
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Stan Mikita - Sports Commission Bronze Statue

In the midst of a backhand pass, Stan Mikita stands larger than life cast in white bronze next to his life-time cohort Bobby Hull. His intensity and focus of where he looks to move next are portrayed in this super-realistic sculpture, similarly to his real life play. Stan and Bobby are located on the northeast plaza outside of the United Center near Madison Street(in front of Gate 3 ½.)
“These statues represent the timeless reminder that our franchise took another step forward tonight, as we honor the two greatest players who have ever worn the Chicago Blackhawks sweater.” – John McDonough
“Hull and Mikita are depicted in action, right down to the tape on their hockey socks and laces tied exactly the way they were years earlier.” – Correspondent

Artist Julie Rotblatt Amrany
Client Chicago Blackhawks
Location United Center Chicago, IL
Material Bronze and Granite
Size Larger than life
Date Oct. 2011