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We invite you to browse through our website exploring our famous commissions: The Spirit: Michael Jordan Statue, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Memorial to Pat Tillman, Vince Lombardi Statue, Al McGuire Statue, Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull Statues, and many others. We would also like you to take a look at Julie and Omri’s Fine Art Portfolios, Biographies, and the history of the studio.

Come join us for a glimpse of the Studio and School of Studio Artists. Learn about News of recently completed work and work in progress. We invite you to share the concepts and ideas that Julie and Omri have explored over the past years and understand their dreams and vision for the future as expressed through their personal work.

“The Amranys have exhibited their work, which includes sculptures, paintings, and tapestries, throughout the United States as well as in such countries as Belgium, France, Israel and China.”

-The Daily Herald

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New Statue and Fan Walls Come to Mosaic Stadium

RoughriderThe Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League and the City of Regina unveiled a new 18 foot tall statue statue of a Riders football player carved out of white bronze outside of their Mosaic Stadium. The player is assisted into the air by the support of the surrounding Rider fans. In addition to the 2,000 lbs statue, three walls accent the area with images of the indigenous history of the area, names of fans that contributed to the Build the Pride project, and one that represents the future. The three walls are 20 feet long and weigh approximately 14 tons each.

Unveiling “Drumbeat of The Lumberjack Band”

Drummer Bronze Commission StatueOn Thursday, May 18th, the Packers Heritage Trail Plaza received its newest addition with the installation of “Drumbeat of The Lumberjack Band”. Commissioned by the owners of Miron Construction, David and Jane Voss and Tim and Andrea Kippenhan, this statue commemorates what Vince Lombardi called “the best playing band in the National Football League.” The Lumberjack Band got its start in 1921 and played at games, pep rallies, and other celebrations. The drummer of the band is immortalized with his classic red coat and banging on his drum.

“The Quintessential Engineer” Unveiling & Dedication

commission, statue, engineer, עמרי עמרי Omri Amrany

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany is proud to announce our latest dedication and unveiling. On Friday, April 28th, 2017 at 2:15 p.m., our latest creation, “The Quintessential Engineer” will be unveiled at the University of Illinois. The location of the dedication will be on the Engineering Quad, east side of the Micro + Nanotechnology Laboratory (MNTL) at 208 N. Wright Street in Urbana, Illinois. Artist Julie Amrany will present her latest piece, while University of Illinois’ Dean of the College of Engineering, Andreas Cangellaris, a representative from Texas Instruments Incorporated, and other campus leaders will speak at the dedication on the impact that women have on STEM careers. In addition, they will speak on the significance of the statue on the campus of the University of Illinois. After the ceremony, a reception will take place in the lobby of the MNTL building. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

The Shaquille O’Neal Sculpture Unveiling at Staples Center in L.A. on Friday, March 24th

אמן Sculptor, Shaq, basketball

On Friday, March 24th the long-awaited Shaquille O’Neal sculpture will be unveiled for all to see. The Bronze sculpture features the basketball legend sinking the ball into the hoop for a victorious slam dunk.

Unveiling of the John Wooden Sculpture at Purdue University

פסל John Wooden Custom Bronze Sculpture

As a tribute to the former Purdue basketball player and legendary Basketball Hall of Fame member, John Wooden was forever immortalized in the Mackey Arena Plaza at Purdue University on Saturday, September 24, 2016. Long revered as one of the most successful coaches in sports history, Wooden’s likeness was created by artists Julie Rotblatt Amrany and Omri Amrany, both of The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany in Highwood, Illinois. The larger than life bronze monument depicting Wooden in his 1932 Purdue basketball uniform stands 7’ tall. Read more about this project here.

Shaq Joins the Greats at the Staples Center

צייר Artist, Shaquille O'Neal, slam dunk

It looks like Shaquille O’Neal is up next to be immortalized in the basketball community, and all of us at The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt Amrany are so pleased to finally announce that we will be creating the commission bronze statue! “We look forward to having Shaq join the other legends who have been honored with statues at STAPLES Center,” said Jeanie Buss, Lakers president and co-owner. “He is a giant not only in size but also in stature and in what he accomplished as a Laker. Shaq literally broke the ground for the site and was hugely responsible for not only getting STAPLES Center built, but for making it one of the most successful and famous arenas in the world. It’s an honor that is well deserved.” O’Neal learned the news for the first time on-air during this Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, when he was shown a rendering of the statue created by Omri Amrany. Read more about this project here.

Solace Sculpture Honors Those Who Lost Their Lives on 9/11

מוזאון ישראל Museum Israel, firefighters, memorial

Though the tragedy of the attacks on the World Trade Center happened fourteen years ago, we all continue to remember and honor the lives lost on that fateful day. In cooperation with the city of Highwood, we have created a bronze and stainless steel piece entitled Solace, depicting a fireman taking a moment to acknowledge those who perished on that day. It is meant to serve as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the heinous act of terrorism, and also contains a remnant of the World Trade Center tower debris, which was a gift to the city of Highwood.

The sculpture was created by world-renowned, local artist Julie Rotblatt-Amrany, and will be unveiled on September 11, 2015, at 11 am in front of Highwood City Hall. The unveiling is open to the public and all are invited to attend.

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany Announces Unveiling of Luc Robitaille Statue at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany proudly announces the unveiling of their latest project, a larger-than-life size bronze statue of Los Angeles Kings former star player, Luc Robitaille. The unveiling took place on Saturday, March 7th, during Legends Night at the Staples Center. Artists Omri, Julie, and Itamar Amrany were present at the event along with Luc Robitaille and his family.

The bronze monument is permanently installed at Star Plaza at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA, and serves as a tribute to Robitaille’s contributions and achievements, including his status as the highest scoring left winger in the history of the sport.

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany Announces Opening of the Johnny Cash Trail Saturday, October 4th

Johnny Cash Man in Black, עמרי עמרי Omri Amrany

The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany is proud to announce a ribbon cutting ceremony was held in Folsom California Saturday, October 4th at 10:00 am, to celebrate the official opening of the Johnny Cash Trail; a bike and pedestrian trail to honor the legendary musician. This ribbon cutting also kicks off the development of the 2.5 mile long Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience.

Plans for this commemorative public installment to honor the country star have been underway for the past year and will include work by the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany. Currently, the Studio is designing a 50’ steel monument called “The Man in Black”, which will be surrounded by a 2-acre park. The park will be located on the west corner of Folsom Lake Crossing and East Natoma Street. Read more about this project here.